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Rotary Drum Dryers

Rotary Drum Dryers
These rotary drum drying systems boast from 1,000-60,000 lbs of water evaporation per hour. Drying systems can be gas, liquid or solid fuel fired and pollution prevention systems can control VOC's, particulate, and most odors. Our engineering staff has decades of combined experience in industrial dehydration systems with our involvement topping 100 systems worldwide.

These dryers feature single and multi-pass technology that moves materials through the drum in an air stream created by the dryer induced-draft fan. The multiple passes are mechanically interlocked to rotate at the same speed. As the drum rotates, the product is repeatedly showed into the dryer hot gas.

These dryers can be fired by any conventional fuel system, but there is a remarkable advantage in using a solid fuel system.  These solid fuel systems can operate on a number of alternative fuel materials (bagasse, charcoal, coal, corn, corncobs, dried peat moss, dried wood chips, horse manure, paper, sawdust, shavings, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, wood flour, wood waste, etc.), reducing fuel cost to a fraction of that of conventional fuel. Combustible materials being dried can be routed to a solid fuel burner and provide an energy source for the dryer.  This concept is called closed loop drying..

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  This entire system is managed by the Onix-OS© dryer control system.  This degree of control allows operators, managers and engineers the ability to monitor the dryer system anywhere the company LAN and wireless LAN can communicate.  Information is also displayed on a password protected internet web-site to monitor plant production while abroad.  Computerized moisture sensors maintain the dryer temperature at the correct moisture level to retain the dried product within 1% moisture.  Inline mass sensors measure the inbound wet and exiting dried material to give continuous and historical plant production records  

Product Diversity
The Onix Corporation's dehydration systems can serve a number of industrial applications. These dehydration systems can dry a wide variety of products including, but not limited to: activated carbon, aluminum, aluminum scrap, alfalfa, animal bedding, antibiotic residues, apple pomace, bagasse, bark, bakery waste, bananas, blood meal, bone, brewers grain, bulgur wheat, canning by-products, cattle feed, citrus pulp, charcoal, chocolate powder, coastal bermuda, coffee grounds, compost, corn cobs, crab scraps, distiller's grain, feather meal, fish scrap, fruit waste, hemp, herring meal, iron fillings, iron oxide, kaolin, kelp, lactose, leafy drug plants, lignite, marigold flowers, mustard seed, paper pulp, peat moss, pharmaceuticals, potato products, sawdust, sludges, seaweed, sodium bicarbonate, soybean meal, tobacco, wood shavings and wood chips.


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