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Single & Multi-Pass

Our engineering staff has decades of experience in industrial dehydration systems, with our involvement topping 400 systems worldwide.

These dryers feature single and multi-pass technology that move materials through the drum in an air stream created by the dryer induced-draft fan. Multiple passes are mechanically interlocked to rotate at the same speed. As the drum rotates, the product is repeatedly showered into the dryer hot gas.

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Advantages of Our

Solid Fuel Equipment

Utilizing our alternative fuel system your industry can use a carbon-neutral fuel, avoiding CO2 fees or benefiting from carbon credits.

These dryers can be fired by any conventional fuel system, but there is a remarkable advantage in using a solid fuel system.  These solid fuel systems can operate on a number of alternative fuel materials, reducing fuel cost to a fraction of that of conventional fuel — not to mention the green energy advantage. If you combine reduced fuel cost with CO2 fee savings and or carbon credits, these systems can have an extremely rapid return on investment.

Combustible materials being dried can be routed to a solid fuel burner and provide an energy source for the dryer.  This concept is called closed loop drying.

Solid Fuel Systems
Dryer Control System


This entire system is managed by the Onix-OS© dryer control system.  This degree of control allows operators, managers, and engineers the ability to monitor the dryer system via internet. Remote ONIX Corporation tech support is included during the warranty period (via customer supplied ISP).


Dryer Control Systems
Dryer Control System


Inline mass sensors can measure the inbound wet and exiting dried material to give continuous and historical plant production records. Combining these features with our moisture control option eliminates the need to dedicate an operator to the drying system. The system  requires only the intermittent attention of one employee during start-up and shut-down.

Often a client elects to have The ONIX Corporation house the  MCC, PLC, fire suppression system, HMI, and remote control computer inside an insulated, pre-wired, climate-controlled shipping container. This minimizes field electrical wiring, as the customer need only wire the motors and sensors to the Onix-OS©.

The Onix Corporation's

Moisture Control

One of the most challenging issues with operating a rotary dryer is maintaining consistent product outbound moisture, particularly when dealing with varying inbound moisture.  The ONIX Corporation has a moisture control option that will maintain a consistent outbound moisture in the product to ±1% of your target moisture.  The product outbound moisture is continuously sampled, recorded, and historically trended.  This outbound moisture percentage is then fed back to the Onix-OS© where appropriate control adjustments are made to maintain specified moisture.  If outbound moisture exceeds acceptable levels, the off-spec product is aborted and can be later reintroduced into the rotary dryer feed.  If dryer inbound moisture changes, the system responds and adjusts the dryer parameters to bring the outbound moisture within specifications.

Along with the continual outbound moisture readout, historical trends, and display,  the Onix-OS© actually takes over dryer system adjustments to maintain moisture specifications. The historical trends allow managers and operators to go back in time to review moisture and production records. This will give your business the ability to show clientele that the moisture of your dried product was within the specifications you represented. This type of consistent moisture not only boosts product quality, it also prevents excessive energy usage and increases production across attrition equipment. If you are currently manually tracking moisture, this may also eliminate the need for one operator. The moisture control option cost exceeds $65,000 depending on your current level of control, however, most industries see the return on investment after installing The ONIX Corporation moisture control option in less than six months.

rotary drum dryer systems onix
rotary drum dryer systems onix
Rotary Dryer System

Product Diversity

The ONIX Corporation’s dehydration systems can serve a number of industrial applications. These dehydration systems can dry a wide variety of products including, but not limited to:

  •  activated carbon
  •  aluminum
  •  aluminum scrap
  •  alfalfa
  •  animal bedding
  •  antibiotic residues
  •  apple pomace
  •  bagasse, bark
  •  bakery waste
  •  bananas
  •  blood meal
  •  bone
  •  brewers grain
  •  bulgur wheat
  •  canning by-products
  •  cattle feed
  • citrus pulp
  •  charcoal
  •  chocolate powder
  •  coastal bermuda
  •  coffee grounds
  •  compost
  •  corn cobs
  •  crab scraps
  •  distillers grain
  •  feather meal
  •  fish scrap
  •  fruit waste
  •  hemp
  •  herring meal
  •  iron fillings
  •  iron oxide
  •  kaolin, kelp
  •  lactose
  •  leafy drug plants
  •  lignite
  •  marigold flower
  •  mustard seed
  •  paper pulp
  •  peat moss
  •  pelleting control
  •  pharmaceuticals
  •  potato products
  •  sawdust, sludges
  •  seaweed
  •  sodium bicarbonate
  •  soybean meal
  •  tobacco
  •  tomato pomace
  •  wood shavings and wood chips

Size Chart

• Complete solid fuel burner/boiler packages are estimated @ $150.00 per pound of steam generation per hour.

• All programs must undergo a thermodynamic analysis by The ONIX Corporation to assure program viability and price.

• Flue-gas-to-air heat exchangers are priced at $35,000.00 per million Btu of energy input.

• Horsepower requirements are approximations.

• All systems include PC or PLC touch screen for system control interface and data tracking.

Model Number Horsepower Evap. Capacity @ 800 °F Inlet Base Price
ONL-48 30 hp 670 lbs/hr $930,000
ONL-60 60 hp 1,309 lbs/hr $990,000
ONL-72 130 hp 2,262 lbs/hr $1,050,000
ONL-84 150 hp 3,592 lbs/hr $1,200,000
ONL-108 200 hp 5,362 lbs/hr $1,350,000
ONL-118 250 hp 7,634 lbs/hr $1,650,000
ONL-126 400 hp 10,472 lbs/hr $1,750,000
ONL-132 500 hp 15,389 lbs/hr $2,300,000
ONL-150 600 hp 20,735 lbs/hr $2,750,000
ONL-165 700 hp 26,547 lbs/hr $3,850,000

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Dryer Size Calculator

Generate a customized report that reveals what size dryer is best for your company.

The ONIX Corporation

Project Execution

At The ONIX Corporation, we are masters of project execution. Our design staff uses our 3-D modeling capabilities to generate thorough layout and foundation documentation.

Regardless of how tight your layout might be, you can rest assured that our equipment will be dimensionally accurate to the model. Unlike some competitors, we provide P&ID documentation that includes a complete spec list for all motors, starters, and sensors used in your project, as well as all utilities used.

rotary drum dryer project onix

Download Our Project Execution PDF

Observe how our projects are laid out in more detail.

The ONIX Corporation


The ONIX Corporation has on-staff technicians to inspect your project during each phase from design through completion, ensuring project accuracy. The ONIX Corporation staff can be present through project commissioning, training your operators to proficiency in dryer operation and maintenance.

Onix technicians will be able to log in remotely to offer expert advice on any issues that may arise after project commissioning.

The ONIX Corporation

Dryer Operation Videos

The two videos are of projects that illustrates ONIX dryers in operation.

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