The ONIX Corporation is able to manufactures particulate control equipment systems. Our experienced staff can evaluate your needs and present you with a program to comply with emission standards, offering the following solutions:

  • thermal oxidizers
  • refractory-lined cyclones (up to 1,800°F)
  • high temperature (400°F) baghouses
  • standard fabric filters
  • single multiclones
  • dual multiclones
  • quad multiclones
  • six-pack multiclones

Our process particulate levels can exceed 50,000 lbs/hr with 99.99% efficiency.

The ONIX Corporation has the technology to solve complex pollution problems. All of our systems comply with local, state, and federal Air Quality Standards and are utilized in a significant number of Tile V plants with mandated MACT.

The ONIX Corporation’s engineers can show you how to solve unique emission problems with air quality control or valuable product recovery.

cyclone dust control systems onix
cyclone dust control systems onix
cyclone dust control systems onix


Equipment construction can surpass these environments:

  • Food Grade Finishes
  • Tacky or Fibrous Dust
  • Corrosive Conditions
  • High Temperature
  • Hazardous Materials
  • High Dust Loading
  • Small Particulate Size
  • Elevated Operating Pressures or Vacuum

These are just some of the unique applications that The ONIX Corporation’s systems can process.

cyclone dust control systems onix

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