Handling Solutions

Material Handling Solutions

The ONIX Corporation designs and builds material handling systems for a variety of wet or dried bulk products.

These custom designed systems can meter into a process (feed systems) or store surge products discharging from a process for later metering and feeding. We offer the following feeding and conveying systems:

  • High-pressure pneumatic conveying (products below 50 lbs/cubic foot)
  • Cyclone collectors
  • Bag filters
  • Bucket elevator systems
  • Rotary valves (high and low pressure)
  • Multi-auger feeders (up to 700 cubic foot of storage)
  • Drag chain feeders (up to 3,000 cubic foot of storage)
  • Anti-Bridging tank feed systems (up to 1,600 cubic feet of storage)
  • Auger conveyer systems (up to 36” dia)
material handling systems rotary dryer
material handling process flow onix

These material handling systems can be equipped with in-line mass sensors, continual moisture readout, and temperature sensors.  Through a version of the Onix-OS© these readings can be trended, charted, or automatically updated to a spreadsheet.  This type of record keeping is invaluable when validating customer compliance.

The ONIX Corporation can also provide a control solution to start or stop the material handling subsystem through a PLC interfacing with an MCC. Typical product densities are below 100 lbs /cubic foot.  These wet and dried material handling systems are equipped for hostile environment, high temperature, inert, or low oxygen environments.  Some of the products we feed, store, and convey (wet or dry) are:

material handling systems tank feed

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  • activated carbon
  •  aluminum
  •  aluminum scrap
  •  alfalfa
  •  animal
  •  bedding
  •  antibiotic residues
  •  apple pomace
  •  bagasse
  •  bark
  •  bakery waste
  •  bananas
  •  blood meal
  •  bone
  •  brewers grain
  •  bulgur wheat
  •  canning by-products
  •  cattle feed
  • citrus pulp
  •  charcoal
  •  chocolate powder
  •  coastal bermuda
  •  coffee grounds
  •  compost
  •  corn cobs
  •  crab scraps
  •  distillers grain
  •  feather meal
  •  fish scrap
  •  fruit waste
  •  hemp
  •  herring meal
  •  iron fillings
  •  iron oxide
  •  kaolin
  •  kelp
  •  lactose
  •  leafy drug plants
  •  lignite
  •  marigold flower
  •  mustard seed
  •  paper pulp
  •  peat moss
  •  pharmaceuticals
  •  potato products
  •  sawdust
  •  sludge
  •  seaweed
  •  sodium bicarbonate
  •  soybean meal
  •  tobacco
  •  wood shavings and wood chips
material handling systems onix
material handling systems diagram onix

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