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Dryer PLC & PLC Plant Control Systems
  Dryer PLC & PLC Plant Control Systems
During 24-hour operation, questions of what occurred during the night shift are unanswered. Exact reasons and duration of downtime were unavailable. Undertaking any realistic production analysis was only a dream.

An affordable automation solution is finally here. Utilizing the horsepower of a modern day personal computer running under the Microsoft Windows environment and a version of the Onix-OS© you can automate your entire drying process. You will also be able to track any preset data item (dryer outlet temperature, dryer drum amps, motor trips or total production via weigh belt) for years to come. By the click of the mouse these data items can generate reports, display trend graphs or print a list for any selected time interval.

The Onix-OS© boasts up to 64 PID loops having, for all practical purposes, no limit to the number of burners or system components which it can control. This system has touch-screen control and is capable of automatically tracking historical trends and data archiving. The Onix-OS© can start and control all the motors at your plant -- not just the Dryer motors. The Onix-OS© allows authorized plant personnel to dial into the system retrieve data on plant operation during the night, the past week or years back. It can track any parameter and inform when and why the system shuts down due to any alarm extreme. Reports can be generated to outline plant wide production during any selected time interval. The Onix-OS© can be modified to add motors or data items from a remote computer. This system will require the presence of an operator at start-up and to initiate shutdown.

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