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Earth’s climate responds directly to the changing levels of greenhouse gases. Data collected from Greenland, Antarctica, tropical mountain glaciers, and leading historical recordings on natural disaster costs all show that 2016 and 2017 were the hottest years on record. Evidence found around the globe reveals that the warming of our planet is rapidly increasing ten times faster than the average rate of ice-age-recovery warming.

Simply discussing the damage that human induced climate change is causing is not enough. Large, systematic, and meaningful changes in societal and industrial behavior need to occur for us to truly reduce our carbon footprint on the Earth.

The ONIX Corporation has made it their goal to help provide industries with carbon-neutral solutions to meet their sustainability needs. We have the ability to help numerous companies and industries take advantage of the by-products of their manufacturing processes and effectively turn waste into a form of sustainable energy.

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Biofuels are an ideal alternative to fossil fuels because of their carbon neutrality. They have the ability to be transported, stored, and used on demand to shave energy peaks. Unlike solar, tidal, hydroelectric, and wind energies, biofuels can be utilized on demand without need for ideal environmental conditions.

Biofuels are a renewable resource that can be derived directly from plants or indirectly derived from agricultural, commercial, or industrial byproducts. Utilizing this bioenergy involves using energy within carbon that was converted from carbon dioxide in our lifetime, versus digging up and burning carbon that has centuries worth of carbon dioxide conversion. The latter is not sustainable within our lifetime.

The ONIX Corporation’s primary interests are in transforming biofuels into clean and affordable energy that can be used to produce clean, renewable energy to displace fossil fuels. In just a single project with an individual company, The ONIX Corporation replaced the use of 389 BILLION Btu/yr of fossil fuels with a bioenergy system. This is the kind of large impact change that is needed to make substantial gains in our battle against climate change.

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A Green Future


We live in a time when the future of our planet is in a precarious state. The consequences of climate change are detrimental, and its effects on the environment are already observable. Global temperatures will continue to rise. There will be more droughts, heat waves, and changes in precipitation patterns. Hurricanes will become stronger, sea levels will rise and the Arctic Ocean is expected to eventually become ice-free.

The time to change is now. The Earth that we see now is a vastly different place than what our children will see, and may be a place that their children never get to see.

By working with companies like The ONIX Corporation, you can be on the forefront of change that makes a difference — not only in the environment, but in our lives and the lives of generations to come.


green initiative rotary drum dryer

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