Equestrian Farm

Case Study

The ONIX Corporation has worked in a wide variety of industries. In another application, we were approached by a 300 horse equestrian farm with excessive amounts of manure to compost or land apply. Disposal costs were high and their environmental impact was dramatic due to the saturation of land application areas with the spent manure.  ONIX was able to design a solution that processed the wet manure by drying, storing and on-demand feeding to an alternative fuel system.

This alternative fuel system provided energy in two separate directions at the facility. The first energy recovery application from the alternative fuel system was routed to the rotary dryer to dry the wet manure with odor control.  The dried manure was stored as an alternative fuel and demand fed back to the alternative fuel system for combustion. The second energy recovery application routed the energy to a flue-gas-to-air exchange system to heat ambient air and hot water, which was utilized as indoor space heating in the horse barn and the showing arena.

This demonstrates our ability to create alternative technologies to benefit companies in a number of distinct ways.  Environmental impact is important to us.  Along with the energy recovery, odor were thermally oxidized in the alternative fuel system and destroyed.  This produced a clean, odorless, economically-viable solution that had minimal environmental impact.