The Importance of Alternative Energy Solutions

The Onix Corporation works with companies that are seeking environmentally-friendly, cost-effective solutions to the excess co-products that are produced through different manufacturing processes. Our very unique clientele has equally unique byproducts that issue from distinctive manufacturing processes. Many of these co-products do not have traditional uses and are often landfilled. Our processes and systems help reduce the amount of landfilled product and oftentimes reduces fossil fuel emissions with carbon-neutral alternative fuels.

Although our clientele is unique, many of their problems are common: high disposal costs, high energy consumption and undesirable environmental impact.


Commercial Food

Case Study

ONIX recently worked with a company that produces unique flavors used in common commercial foods. The manufacturing process produced fumes, charcoal, and a bio-oil, none or which had any use, and resulted in high disposal fees. Additionally, the facility consumed a large amount of energy produced from fossil fuels. ONIX’s uniquely-designed system enabled this client to avoid landfilling. The previously useless co-products now produce process steam; energy for drying; energy for thermal destruction of odors and fumes; energy recovery of the bio-oil and to provide heat to the facility. This also replaced enormous amounts of energy generated with fossil fuels with energy generated with carbon neutral fuels.  The facility’s environmental impact was reduced to less than 0.01%.  The CO2 generated from the combustion of fossil fuels was virtually removed.

This is a typical application of our technology and problem solving.  Through, consulting, creative engineering and use of our traditional products, The ONIX Corporation is uniquely suited to design, build, and install solutions that reduce landfilling, reduce the carbon footprint, and reduce environmental exposure.  Although those benefits alone warrant conversation, additional benefits of ONIX technology include reduced energy costs, reduced emissions and reduced disposal costs , along with any potential “green” incentives. Clients may qualify for carbon credits, avoid CO2 fees and realize a competitive edge in the marketplace — both in cost and public relations.