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The ONIX Corporation has solved complex reuse problems for a variety of industries.  We have been at the forefront of the evolutionary process for technology that is now common place.  Our systems are world wide and we have created non-traditional technology for decades.


It’s likely that a current technology exists to solve your industry’s challenges regarding problematic by-products.  Please contact our engineering staff to discuss your application in greater detail.


Our equipment is currently used in the following industries:


rotary sawdust drum dryer industries

* Agricultural

Animal Feeds

* Enhanced Oil Recovery

* Feed

* Forest

* Lumber kilns

* Lumber Mill

* Paper Sludge

* Pelleting Facilities

* Pet foods

* Pharmaceutical

* Plant oil extraction

* Plastic fillers

* Pre-engineered Biofuels

* Pulp & Paper

* Rapid Pyrolisis

* Refuse Derived Fuels

* Torrifaction

* Wastewater

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Feel free to contact us with any technical question you have regarding our products or our company.

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