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Herbal Supplements are often used in the practice of herbalism, or the study of botany and plants intended for medicinal purposes. Historically, plants and herbal supplements were some of the first forms of medicine in early human history, and some of those practices are still used today. Modern medicine still derives much of their knowledge and use of drugs from plant-derived compounds and uses them for pharmaceutical drugs.

There are numerous ways that herbal supplements can be administered, whether for medical uses or otherwise. The most common way to take an herbal supplement is in the form of a liquid. In fact, the most commonly used form of herbal supplements used around the world on a regular basis is herbal teas that are derived from plant extracts.

Herbal teas are the result of liquid absorbing the herb extracts into the water. Usually this is done through hot water infusions. Common herbal supplements or teas include green tea, black tea, chamomile, and mint, although there are many more.

Tinctures are alcoholic extracts from herbs, and are usually much stronger than herbal teas. They are primarily made by infusing ethanol with the herbal supplement in question. Some herbal supplements can be applied topically rather than ingesting an herbal infusion. Essential oil extracts are derived from different herbs and diluted in a carrier oil. Many essential oils can be too strong on the skin and will cause damage if not diluted properly. Often they are diluted in olive oil or other food grade oils such as almond oil to make them safer for topical use. Salves, oils, balms, and creams are other forms of topical herbal treatments that are commonly used. Herbal supplements with wound healing compounds are also known to be used in antibacterial salves as well.

Herbs and plants used for herbal supplement can benefit from rotary drying, size reducing, and material handling. The ONIX Corporation’s processing systems can handle numerous materials and co-products that you may not know what to do with or want a better more effective way to process. We have the ability to work with materials such as, but not limited to, apple pomace, citrus pomace, sludge, alfalfa, bagasse, coffee grounds, sawdust, herbal supplements and much more. Our equipment is engineered to fit your specific needs. If you feel that The ONIX Corporation may be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to research more about our alternative fuel systems, including rotary drum dryers and material handling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new solution to process herbs for herbal supplements, or something else, it never hurts to give us a call to learn more.

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