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Heat Exchangers/Air Heaters

Heat Exchangers/Air Heaters
The Corporation offers a full line of flue-gas-to-air heat exchangers to complement the WEBB series solid fuel burner. These heat exchangers wipe the energy from any hot (12001800°F) flue gas and preheat fresh ambient air to the desired temperature rise. Ideal for industrial space heating, air make-up units, indirect drying requirements and lumber kilns.

The system features Allen-Bradley/Rockwell Automation based controls. This degree of control allows for touch-screen display, control and manual or automatic equipment start/stop. The controls can download all parameters at pre-set time intervals to a networked PC for data recordkeeping of any tracked parameter. A modem connected to the controls allows for remote monitoring and adjustment of the system. Controls will volumetrically track inbound fuel consumption, and outbound energy flow in Btu/hr. The controls command any selected burner temperature. Controls also monitor all exchanger temperatures and safety switches, fuel flow in pounds, exchanger inlet and outlet temperatures and burner temperature and cause system safety shut down in case of extremes.

Flue gas energy recovery is accomplished using a VW flue-gasto-air exchanger. Flue gases are slightly diluted to 1,200°F ahead of the exchanger. This exchanger wipes energy from the flue gases and immediately dumps that energy directly to Your Company's industrial facility to meet its hot air requirements or, if desired, to atmosphere.

Attached drawings illustrate the flue-gas-to-air exchanger concept. These drawings are of an actual 2 MM Btu/hr exchanger which has been operating for over 7 years in Ohio. Performance has been outstanding. The exchanger uses standard spiral duct as heat transfer surface. It is self-contained in its own weatherproof shell.





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