Fish Scrap Processing Systems

Fish scraps come from any of the unused parts of a fish that aren’t taken and processed in the food industry. This creates a lot of waste that often has adverse effects on the environment. When fish are caught and cleaned near their water source, it is common practice to dump the fish scrap back into the water. This can cause damage to the balance of the ecosystem, especially aquatic flora and fauna that contribute to the water’s health.

Commercially, it is actually financially beneficial for commercial processors to take fish waste and utilize it for ulterior purposes. Fish scrap can be used for animal food and more commonly as liquid fish fertilizer. On a smaller scale, fish scraps are great to use in compost piles.

When composting fish scraps, it is beneficial to mix it with plant waste such as wood chips, leaves, bark, branches, peat, or sawdust. This adds a source of carbon, which is essential to the composting process. Nitrogen is also an important composting ingredient that the fish scraps provide and is essential to fertilizers. As the microorganisms break down the fish scraps, heat is generated which helps to pasteurize the fish compost, in turn eliminating odors and killing disease organisms and weeds.

Fish scraps can benefit from rotary drying, size reducing, and material handling. The ONIX Corporation’s processing systems can handle numerous materials and co-products that you may not know what to do with or want a better more effective way to process. We have the ability to work with materials such as, but not limited to, apple pomace, citrus pomace, sludge, alfalfa, bagasse, coffee grounds, sawdust, fish scraps and much more. Our equipment is engineered to fit your specific needs. If you feel that The ONIX Corporation may be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to research more about our alternative fuel systems, including rotary drum dryers and material handling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new solution to process fish scraps, or something else, it never hurts to give us a call to learn more.

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