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Crabs make up almost 20% of marine crustaceans that are caught for consumer purposes worldwide. This makes up 1.5 million tonnes annually. Even though there are some species of crab that can be fully used, such as softshell crab, most create large amounts of waste since their shells cannot be used in the food industry, which is where most of these crabs end up. Because of this, crab processing plants are looking for alternatives to manage this waste. Usually the shells are burned, but they also have the ability to be used as compost material to help enrich the soil.

Crab scraps, which are primarily made up of the exoskeletons of crabs and sometimes other crustaceans, contain a substance called chitin. Chitin is a source of nitrogen which is an important factor in plant health and a primary ingredient in many fertilizers. Chitin releases nitrogen slowly and doesn’t leach out of the soil. Thus, it does not pollute waterways, which is a major concern with most other nitrogen based fertilizers.

When the crab scraps are added to soil, they help to stimulate and increase the populations of chitin-devouring bacteria and fungi. These bacteria and fungi help to decompose the shells they also help to destroy other garden pests that largely affect crop yield every year. Crab scraps also contain calcium carbonate, which is an important ingredient in garden lime and another essential nutrient for plants. This helps to raise the pH in soils that may be too acidic. Crab scrap can also be a key ingredient in shellfish meal, which can also be implemented into soil as a fertilizer.

Crab scraps can benefit from rotary drying and size reducing. The ONIX Corporation’s processing systems can handle numerous materials and co-products that you may not know what to do with or want a better more effective way to process. We have the ability to work with materials such as, but not limited to, apple pomace, citrus pomace, sludge, alfalfa, bagasse, coffee grounds, sawdust, crab scraps and much more. Our equipment is engineered to fit your specific needs. If you feel that The ONIX Corporation may be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to research more about our alternative fuel systems, including rotary drum dryers and material handling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new solution to process crab scraps, or something else, it never hurts to give us a call to learn more.

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