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Solid Fuel Combustion Systems

Solid Fuel Combustion Systems
The Onix Corporation offers a full line of industrial wood combustion burners rated to a maximum of 120 million Btu/hr. These cyclonic burners offer a wood energy alternative clean enough to rival natural gas emissions. The staggering response time of these burners is able to control many fragile operations, such as: dryers, boilers, rotary kilns and industrial air heaters. The combustion of solid fuel yields way to a world of low-cost, environmentally sound fuels. Existing burners can be retrofitted to enable industries the option of burning gas, liquid or solid fuels.

These burners are capable of delivering between 400,000 and 120 MM Btu per hour, and can achieve temperatures of 2,000°F while saving money on every Btu used. Our full line of Solid Fuel Burners have many industrial applications including retrofitting natural gas burners, dryer heat source, heat for kilns, heat source for boilers, as well as winter time industrial space heating.



These solid fuel systems can operate on a number of alternative fuel materials: bagasse, charcoal, coal, corn, corncobs, dried peat moss, dried wood chips, horse manure, paper, sawdust, shavings, thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics, wood flour, wood waste, etc. yielding fuel costs of below $1.00/MM Btu.

The Onix Corporation prides itself on meeting and exceeding Local, State and Federal Air Quality Standards. We have stack testing performance data (preformed in the presence of the EPA) documenting outstanding performance in the PM/PM10, SOx, NOx, and CO categories. There are over 100 Solid Fuel Burners presently in operation providing millions of Btu's for a fraction of the previous cost. Most companies experience a one-year return on investment.

  Cyclonic Combustion

Cyclonic furnaces have become a major alternative to conventional burners. Applications include both large scale utility boilers and certain industrial processes where waste heat can be recovered profitably. The ONIX Series Solid Fuel Burner is operated by the method of "cyclonic combustion." In cyclonic combustion, the burning occurs at a positive pressure, rather than the slight negative pressure associated with most suspension fired wood systems.

The combustion occurs in specially designed cylindrical reactors which discharge hot gaseous combustion products directly into the boilers or other vessels. Pulverized wood is blown into the cyclonic burner where it oxidizes immediately. Centrifugal action forces the particles toward the cylindrical wall of the burner where char oxidation occurs. Very high turbulence is generated in the cyclonic burner and char oxidation occurs within milliseconds.

Combustion intensity in cyclonic burners is considerably higher than combustion intensity in conventional wood suspension fired furnaces. The vigor of the cyclonic action forces the wood particles to the burner wall, facilitating not only rapid combustion but also solid product removal. Cyclonic burners typically remove 99% of the solid products of combustion. These solid products of combustion (to small to be visible) are entrained into the air stream and then enter the boiler or other vessel, where they are removed as flyash by a particulate control system.

This solid fuel system is designed for a wood fuel having a “normal size distribution” with 1/4" being the maximum particle size; a lower heating value of 7,500 Btu/lb or greater, an ash content of 6% or less, a moisture content of 10% or less and a consistent density of 10-25 pounds per cubic foot.


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