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Solid Fuel Boilers

The Solid Fuel Burner/Boiler Combination

The Onix Corporation offers a full line of steam and hot water boilers to complement the WBB series solid fuel burner. These boilers wipe the energy from any hot (1200-1800°F) flue gas and produce ultra high pressure steam up to 45,000 lbs/hr (1300 hp). Ideal for any industrial application requiring steam at a reduced cost.

These systems are equipped with microprocessor control systems which automatically modify the fuel feed rate to match the desired boiler outlet pressure. A pressure controller on the boiler senses a demand for steam. Three things happen simultaneously: 1) fuel feed rate increases to burn more fuel; 2) combustion air to the burner increases in direct proportion to fuel feed rate; and 3) the induced draft fan's modulating damper opens to draw more hot gases through the boiler and generate more steam.

Solid fuel fires very clean in the burner. There is no smoke, no malodor, no VOC's and no CO. Solid fuel combustion does produce some dead inert ash. Some of this ash remains in the base of the burner. It needs to be shoveled out every several weeks. The smallest ash particulates (too small to be visible) carry out of the burner and through the boiler. The tubes of the boiler get dusted with ash and have to be cleaned every several weeks. Steam soot blowers can automate this task.

- The entire system is automatic and basically labor free.
- System integrity is excellent for years of trouble-free performance.



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