Aluminum Scrap Processing

Aluminum scrap is used as recycled aluminum to recreate different aluminum products instead of processing aluminum from scratch. The process of aluminum recycling involves re-melting the aluminum scrap down, which involves much less energy than creating new aluminum. In fact, recycling aluminum scrap requires only 5% of the energy used to make new aluminum from raw ore. This is why almost 36% of aluminum products in the US come from aluminum scrap. Most of these are used to make aluminum cans.

Aluminum scrap often comes from aircrafts, automobiles, bicycles, boats, computers, cookware, gutters, siding, and wire. Aluminum has the ability to be recycles indefinitely and sill be used to make an entirely new product that freshly made aluminum could have also produced.

The benefit of using aluminum scrap is also very cost effective. Even when factoring in the cost of collection, separation, and recycling, it is still cheaper to process aluminum scrap than it is to create it from scratch.

Aluminum scrap can benefit from rotary drying prior to packaging and melting. The ONIX Corporation’s processing systems can handle numerous materials and co-products that you may not know what to do with or want a better more effective way to process. We have the ability to work with materials such as, but not limited to, apple pomace, citrus pomace, sludge, alfalfa, bagasse, coffee grounds, sawdust, aluminum scrap and much more. Our equipment is engineered to fit your specific needs. If you feel that The ONIX Corporation may be of assistance to you, please don’t hesitate to research more about our alternative fuel systems, including rotary drum dryers and material handling solutions. Whether you’re looking for a new solution to process aluminum scrap, or something else, it never hurts to give us a call to learn more.

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